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WISE Scholarships

The College of Engineering and Science’s Women in Science and Engineering program (WISE) has established a scholarship fund for qualified students who participate in WISE activities. Initially, one scholarship will be awarded to an entering freshman at Clemson who is majoring in engineering or science, and who has made a commitment to participate in WISE. If adequate gifts are received to support the minimum amount for two scholarships, a second scholarship will be awarded to a Clemson University sophomore, junior, or senior who maintains a 3.0 GPA, has lived in the WISE Living Learning Community, and has been involved with WISE outreach programs.

“We are encouraging interested participants to base a gift on the year of their graduation,” explains WISE director, Serita Acker. “For example, a 1995 graduate may choose to make a gift of $19.95, while others may be in a position to consider a contribution of $1995.00. While we’re anticipating an excellent response from our female alumni, we’d also like to encourage their male counterparts to consider a gift as well.”

Participants may use the enclosed business reply envelopes to send their WISE Scholarship gifts to campus. Checks should be made payable to the Clemson Fund – WISE Scholarship.

Victoria Garner (Math ’05), who participated in the WISE Program as an undergraduate, is an early contributor to the WISE Scholarship Fund.

“WISE provided a great support system and cultivating environment,” says Garner. “Not only did I meet other women within the CoES, I also had a chance to share my insight and experience with younger females through the different recruiting programs offered by WISE. The networking opportunities are endless!”

Not only has she made a personal contribution, but Garner is issuing a challenge to the Class of ’05. “There were 201 female engineering and science graduates in our class,” she said. “I want to encourage all of them to participate as scholarship donors.”


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