WebSAT - Web-based Surveillance and Auditing Tool















Development of Web-based Surveillance and Auditing Tool to analyze Aircraft Maintenance Operations

This project is funded by Federal Aviation Administration. The objective of this research will be to develop and implement an application tool to perform surveillance and auditing activities to ensure that a consistent level of supervision is maintained over aircraft maintenance operations . The system will promote a standardized format for data collection, reduction and analysis to proactively identify the contributing factors of improper maintenance.

This effort involves a team that will bring together a research university and an industry partner. The P.I. has extensive expertise in aircraft inspection and maintenance processes, human/machine systems design, training and the use of advanced technology to solve challenging human-machine systems design problems. The co-P.I.’s expertise is in human/computer systems and in the use and application of user-centered design methodologies, as well as demonstrable results from previous FAA, NASA, NSF and DOE grants. Moreover, both have the resources of the Human Computer Systems Laboratory at Clemson University at their disposal. FedEx being the industry partner will contribute experienced practitioners and test beds for integrating and testing the web-based tool.