Table Rock


Portion of  NHAP infrared photograph (1981) of Table Rock Reservoir (black) with Table Rock outcrops (white) to the southwest  Outlined area corresponds to the topographic map to the right. Portion of topographic map of Table Rock from Table Rock USGS quadrangle (1978). Table Rock Reservoir is shown in the upper right corner (blue).

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Table Rock                                                                Table Rock
       (NHAP)                                                                 (Topo Map)   

Table Rock Litho Map                                               Table Rock Topo Map

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Background Information
     Description of Landforms
        Characteristic Landforms of the Blue Ridge
        Geographic Features of Special Interest
        Blue Ridge Rock Types
        Blue Ridge -- Piedmont Boundary
        Fracturing, Folding, and Uplift of the Blue Ridge
     Influence of Topography on Historical Events and Cultural Trends
        Native American Folklore
        Traditional Scottish Ballads of the Blue Ridge
        Ellicott's Rock
        Mountains as Recreational Areas
        Tourist Attractions
     Natural Resources, Land Use, and Environmental Concerns
        Climate Influences Land Use
        Trout Streams
        Fish Hatcheries and Stream Stocking
        Soils and Farming
        Unique Habitats and Changes Through Time
        Constructing Reservoirs
        Hydroelectric Power Plants
        Multiple Use of the Blue Ridge Landscape:  Concepts and Conflicts

Study Site 2A--Table Rock (Mountains)
    Brief Site Description
        Table Rock Legend
    Table Rock State Park Constructed by CCC
    Activity 2A-1: Mountain Landforms
    Activity 2A-2: Land Use and Development