(Metropolitan Area) 

Columbia Litho Section
Columbia Topo Section
Portion of infrared aerial photograph of the Congaree River bordering downtown Columbia (1981). Portion of Columbia North and SW Columbia USGS quadrangles (1990 and 1982) (above and below the black line).

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Columbia                                                                Columbia
       (NAPP)                                                                 (Topo Map)   

Columbia Litho Map                                               Columbia Topo Map

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Background Information
    Description of Landforms
        Characteristic Landforms of the Sandhills / Midlands
        Geographic Features of Special Interest
        Fall Line Zone
        Sandhills Soils
    Influence of Topography on Historical Events and Cultural Trends
        Landforms Influenced the Development of Cities
        Choosing a New Site for the Capital
        Laying Out the City of Columbia
        The Columbia Canal and Water Transportation
        The Secession Convention and the Onset of the Civil War
        Sherman's March Through South Carolina
        The Fall of Columbia
        Preservation of Historic Homes
    Natural Resources, Land Use, and Environmental Concerns
        Climate and Water Resources
        Agriculture and Forestry
        Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge
        Unique Natural Habitats in the Sandhills
        Clay Deposits
        The Pottery Industry

Study Site 3A--Columbia (Metropolitan Area)
    Brief Site Description
        Naming Columbia Streets
        Elmwood Cemetery once thought to be haunted
        Street Railroad changes Columbia
        The Mall Culture
    Activity 4A-1: Landforms of Metropolitan Columbia
    Activity 4A-2: Urbanization of the City of Columbia