Santee Cooper Project

(Engineering and Canals)

         Portion oflandsat satellite image of coastal South Carolina (1990).                    Portion of shaded relief map of South Carolina, USGS (1970).

For expanded images of these maps, see the Statewide Overview section.


 Background Information
    Description of Landforms
        Characteristic Landforms of the Coastal Plain
        Geographic Features of Special Interest
        Coastal Plain Once an Ocean Floor
        Soils of the Coastal Plain
    Influence of Topography on Historical Events and Cultural Trends
        Native Americans
        Revolutionary Campaigns in the Coastal Plain
        Origin of South Carolina's State Flag
        Compromise of 1808
        Early Railroads
        King Cotton
        Wise Sayings, Folk Ways, and Good Luck Charms
        Strange Stories and Legends
    Natural Resources, Land Use, and Environmental Concerns
        Climate and Water Resources
        Soils and Land Use
        The Timber Industry of the Coastal Plain
        Agriculture of the Coastal Plain
        Unique Natural Habitats in the Coastal Plain
        Freshwater Fisheries
        Phospahte, Limestone, and Other Rock Resources

Study Site 5B--Santee Cooper Project (Engineering and Canals)
    Brief Site Description
        The Old Santee Canal
        Santee Cooper Project
    Activity 5B-1: Engineering Impact of the Santee Cooper Project