Congaree Swamp

(Pristine Forest) 

Portion of image from NAPP infrared photograph of Congaree Swamp (1980). Area shown in the map is outlined. Portion of topographic map From USGS Gadsden  quadrangle (1982).

Cartographic Products:

Congaree Swamp                                                                   Congaree Swamp
       (NAPP)                                                                          (Topo Map)   

Congaree Swamp Litho Map                                            Congaree Swamp Topo Map

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 Background Information
    Description of Landforms
        Characteristic Landforms of the Coastal Plain River Floodplains
        Geographic Features of Special Interest
        Meandering Rivers and Oxbow Lakes
        Geologic Change Through Time in Floodplains
    Influence of Topography on Historical Events and Cultural Trends
        River Trade and Transportation
        Swamps as Hiding Places
    Natural Resources, Land Use, and Environmental Concerns
        Timber Resources
        Habitat Diversity Based on Water Level
        Ecological Functions of Floodplain Swamps
        River Floodplains as a Unique Natural Habitat

Study Site 6A--Congaree Swamp (Pristine Forest)
    Brief Site Description
        Tall Trees
        State and National Champion Tree Selection
        Ecological Factors Affecting Tree Size
        Life Along a Floodplain Swamp
        Legends and Tales of the Congaree Swamp
    The Naming of the Swamp
    Early History of Congaree Swamp
    Reclaiming of Swamp Land
    The Lumber Industry in Congaree Swamp
    Establishment of Congaree Swamp National Monument
    Activity 6A-1: Meandering Rivers and Geologic Change
    Activity 6A-2: Life in a Floodplain Swamp