Lake Marion

(Limestone Outcropping)

Portion of  NHAP infrared photograph of Lake Marion (1983). Outlined section is shown in the map to the right. Portion of topographic map From USGS Vance Quadrangle (1979).

Cartographic Products:

Lake Marion                                                                Lake Marion
       (NHAP)                                                                 (Topo Map)   

Lake Marion Litho Map                                               Lake Marion Topo Map

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Background Information
    Description of Landforms, Drainage Patterns, and Geologic Processes
        Characteristic Landforms of Karst Topography
        Geographic Features of Special Interest
        How Limestone Forms
        Development of Karst Topography
        Ground Water Flow and the Groundwater Table
    Influence of Topography on Historical Events and Cultural Trends
        Santee Indian Mound
        Francis Marion Captures Fort Watson
    Natural Resources, Land Use, and Environmental Concerns
        Storage of Hazardous Waste
        Mining of Limestone
        Caves and Bats
        Karst Topography as a Unique Natural Habitat

Study Site 7A--Lake Marion (Limestone Outcropping)
    Brief Site Description
        Santee National Wildlife Refuge
        Tourism and Fishing on Lake Marion
    Activity 7A-1: The Effects of Ground Water
    Activity 7B-1: Lake Marion Brings About Changes in Land Use