Woods Bay

(Preserved Bay)

Portion of  NAPP infrared photograph of Woods Bay (1989).  Bay is the dark feature located in the center of image. Portion of topographic map From USGS Turbeville  quadrangle (1983). This area is from a drained bay near the one shown to the left (note drainage features). 

Cartographic Products:

Woods Bay                                                                Woods Bay
       (NAPP)                                                                      (Topo Map)   

Woods Bay Litho Map                                             Woods Bay Topo Map

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Background Information
    Description of Landforms, Drainage Patterns, and Geologic Processes
        Characteristic Landforms of Carolina Bays
        Geographic Features of Special Interest
        Theories of Origin
        Catastrophic Extraterrestrial Theory
        Gradualistic Terrestrial Theory
        Carolina Bays Soils
        Typical Carolina Bays Soils Types
    Influence of Topography on Historical Events and Cultural Trends
        A Breif Historical View of the Bays
        Objective Description of Carolina Bays
        Subjective Description of Carolina Bays
    Natural Resources, Land Use, and Environmental Concerns
        Draining the Bays for Agriculture and Forestry
        Carolina Bays as a Unique Natural Habitat
        Recent Efforts to Preserve the Carolina Bays

Study Site 8A--Woods Bay (Preserved Bay)
    Brief Site Description
        Characteristics of Woods Bay
        Park Facilities, Boardwalk, and Canoe Trips
        Land Use in Woods Bay
    Activity 8A-1: Anatomy of a Carolina Bay