(Historic Port)

Portion of NAPP infrared photograph of Charleston harbor and the Cooper River. Portion of topographic map of Charleston from the USGS Charleston quadrangle (1983).

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Charleston                                                                Charleston
       (NAPP)                                                                 (Topo Map)   

Charleston Litho Map                                               Charleston Topo Map

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Background Information
    Description of Landforms, Drainage Patterns, and Geologic Processes
        Characteristic Landforms of the Coastal Zone
        Geographic Features of Special Interest
        Carolina Grand Strand
        Santee Delta
        Sea Islands
    Influence of Topography on Historical Events and Cultural Trends
        Coastal Zone Attracts Settlers
        Native American Coastal Cultures
        Early Spanish Settlements
        Establishment of Santa Elena
        Charles Towne:  First British Settlement
        Eliza Lucas Pinckney Introduces Indigo
        Pirates:  A Coastal Zone Legacy
        Charleston Under Seige During Civil War
        The Battle of Port Royal Sound
        Black Volunteers in Union Service During the Civil War
        The Future of the Coast
    Natural Resources, Land Use, and Environmental Concerns
        Climate and Water Resources
        Soil Resources of the Coastal Zone
        Issues Related to Growth and Development
        Unique Habitats of the Coastal Zone
        Fisheries and the Seafood Industry

Study Site 9A--Charleston (Historic Port)
    Brief Site Description
        Land Reclamation
        Market Vultures and the Plantation Era
        Charleston in the American Revolution
        Charleston's Unique Architecture: The "Single House"
        The Battery
        Free Persons of Color
        Harbor Dredging and Spoil Areas
        Charleston Navy
        Charleston Today
    Activity 9A-1: The Historic District