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Web based Surveillance and Auditing Tool - WebSAT

What is WebSAT?

It is a proactive web-based tool which will help analysts to identify problem areas and devise strategies to minimize maintenance errors in the air transport industry. The tool will perform surveillance activities to ensure that a consistent level of supervision is maintained over maintenance operations. WebSAT will promote a standardized format for data collection, reduction and analysis to identify factors contributing to improper maintenance.

Why is WebSAT important?

It is clearly important to provide safe and reliable air transportation and to ensure airworthiness of aircraft. Maintenance error has been found to be a critical factor in aircraft accidents. Aircraft maintenance and inspection activities are closely monitored and evaluated to assure the adequacy of maintenance procedures. Surveillance and auditing of maintenance activity contributes an important function in maintaining and improving aviation safety. Most past efforts to investigate and analyze inspection and maintenance errors have been based on reactions to the consequences of these errors. WebSAT will address these issues on a proactive basis, while promoting a standardized format for data collection, reduction and analysis across airlines.

Who is involved in the development of WebSAT?

Clemson’s Industrial Engineering department is working closely with the FAA and FedEx to develop this tool. Additional stakeholders in the air transport industry are welcomed to participate in the project.

How long will this research take?

This research is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2006. The I.E. department’s WebSAT team plans to identify the ‘impact variables’ (performance measures) by the end of 2004. The team plans to complete initial design and development of WebSAT by the end of 2005. The potential for enhancing the tool will be evaluated during the third year. For example, the addition of a data analysis module would enable the analyst to conduct trend analysis of selected sets of data and could represent the first step to conducting formal risk assessments.

Who are the I.E. faculty and students involved in this project?

Faculty involved in this project are Dr. Anand Gramopadhye and Dr. Joel Greenstein. The doctoral students involved in this project are Kunal Kapoor, Nikhil Iyengar and Pallavi Dharwada.

Where can I find more information on WebSAT?

Our WebSAT Flyer (PDF File) provides additional detail and contact information.



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