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Computational Engineering

Computational engineering is the field of applying computational methods to problems in engineering. Engineering is the application of scientific and technical knowledge to solve problems. Engineers use imagination, judgement and reasoning to apply science, mathematics, and practical experience. The result is the design, production, and operation of useful objects or processes. Innovative computational methods to help solve engineering problems are developed with the ultimate goal of helping engineers use Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) to apply computer software in engineering to analyze the robustness and performance of components, assemblies, and complex systems.

Computational Mechanics

Computational mechanics is the field of applying computational methods to problems in mechanics. Mechanics is the branch of Physics concerned with the motion of physical bodies, the forces that cause or limit these motions, and the forces to which bodies may, in turn, give rise. Both solid and fluid mechanics, together with their interaction are addressed.

Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and simulation represent catalysts capable of synthesizing formal theory and experimental results, breaking artificial barriers between these two main approaches to scientific discovery and engineering advances. Recently, computational simulation has become a third approach - along with theory and laboratory simulation - to studying and solving scientific and engineering problems. In this lab, we develop new computational methods for performing simulation of complex engineering and mechanics models.
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